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The Rose Garden – Madrid

In the “Parque del Oeste” in Madrid, Spain, there is a spot known as the “Rosaleda” or the Rose Garden. Located on a plain or terrace on the hillside, this garden occupies a space of approximately 32,000 square meters.

As the name implies, the Rose Garden, is a garden consisting of more than 20,000 rose bushes representing 500 to 650 varieties of this flower. This garden exceeds by far “La Rosaleda” of the Retiro Park. Interestingly both are related. The garden at the Retiro Park was created by Cecilio Rodriguez in 1915 and his disciple, Ramón Ortiz Ferré created in 1956 the Rose Garden of the “Parque del Oeste”.

Spring is the best time to visit this rose garden, which in 2006 was honored with the “Garden Excellence Award” by the “World Federation of Rose Societies”. Annually, specifically in the month of May, the “Rosa de Madrid Popular Contest” is held.

Upon entering the garden, we find in its center ponds with water lilies and a small fountain at its head. The award-winning roses are located to the sides of the ponds walkway. Further along, in the shade, is the Fountain of Youth which includes the statue of a female figure, the work of Federico Coullant Valera.

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