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The Rometta Fountain in the Villa d’Este of Tivoli

The Rometta Fountain also known as the Fountain of Rome in the Villa d’Este in Tivoli (Italy) has many elements and symbolisms of ancient Rome. Although others believe that the Rometta Fountain was built in honor of the small town of Rometta in Sicily.

Visually, it seems to represent images of the old city, from the Paladin going down the Imperial Forum to the Colosseum. On the other side is the Capitoline Wolf, a symbol which represents Rome’s military power.

In the canal, created by two water flows, allegorically representing the Tiber and Aniene rivers, floats the fishermen’s ship, in clear reference to the Roman Catholic Church. The obelisk represents the highest authority of the Church, the Papacy, power that eluded the members of the d’Este family.

The best place to appreciate all these elements is from the Loggia terrace, just above the Fountain.

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