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“The Little Chapel That Stood” – New York

Known in recent times as “The little chapel that stood”; St. Paul’s Chapel is located in the block formed by Church, Fulton, Vessey Streets and Broadway Avenue in the lower part of the city of New York, just in front of the “World Trade Center” complex or area known as ” Ground Zero. “

During the event of September 11, 2001, the small chapel was a refuge for the survivors of the collapsed Twin Towers, being one of the places that did not suffer damages before the terrorist attack, earning its nickname.

The chapel opens in 1766, as an extension of the Trinity Church, located a few blocks away on Broadway Avenue, corner of Wall Street. It is currently the oldest structure in New York City, a structure that also survived the great fire of 1776, during which the original Trinity Church was destroyed.

In addition to the chapel, its has a cemetery where heroes and important persons of New York history rest. The chapel houses what many consider to be the first memorial to the Revolutionary War in the US and where General Richard Montgomery rests, who died in battle in 1775.

Since 2002, it has the Bell of Hope, a gift from London in solidarity for the sad events of 09/11. Since then, this is the bell that is rung during all the commemorative events of 09/11.

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