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The House of Troy – Santiago de Compostela, Spain

In 1886 a humble boarding house opened its doors to provide a lodging for university students in Santiago de Compostela. This is how the Casa da Troia or the House of Troy was born, located on the Rua da Troia in the historic center of the city and a few steps from the San Martiño Pinario Monastery / Church.

This emblematic inn served as an inspiration to Alejandro Perez for his novel “La Casa de la Troya”. Today, we can find a museum that recreates the atmosphere and decoration that is narrated in the novel.

It is under the auspices of the Association of  Compostelans Tunos and the leadership of the Benigno Amor Rodriguez, that a museum dedicated to the Tunos is founded in the House of Troy . From different parts of the world, the Tunas that have passed through here have contributed their colors and even instruments to the Museo del Tuno.


In the image above you can see the scholarship colors of the Tuna de Segreles of Puerto Rico exhibited in the Museo del Tuno.

In fact, the House of Troy has served as a residence for many Puerto Rican students who went to Santiago to forge their careers as doctors. And as evidence, on its façade is a plaque of appreciation of those students.

The House of Troy was the meeting place for the Tuna de Compostela and today it is the gathering point and rehearsals of the Tuna Trojans of Compostela.

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