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The Gallery Inn in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

We received recommendations to visit The Gallery Inn in Old San Juan (Puerto Rico), and during one of our usual strolls through the walled city, we decided to visit it. In reality, they fell short when describing the complex and everything it houses. It is simply a wonderful and magical place. Full of art, music, history, antiquity, in short, in every corner you breathe beauty, tranquility, peace.

The owner and creator of this space is the artist Jan D’Esopo. From her watercolors, to her sculptures, well known in the Caribbean and the United States, you will find them in every corner of this hotel.

Jan D’Esopo moved from the northern shores of Boston, USA and settled in Puerto Rico in 1961, in order to find an old residence in Old San Juan to restore. With the first restored structure, six adjacent ones were added eventually, all from the mid XVIII century. In connecting them, the hotel, The Gallery Inn, gradually began to grow over the years.

An undertaking with a lot of love and passion that is felt in every corner. Highly recommended for those wishing a different and unique visit experience in Old San Juan.

The Gallery Inn
Norzagaray Street 204
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901


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