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The Colorful Umbrellas

The umbrellas are not only used to shelter us from the rain, or merely the sun’s rays, but also to draw everyone’s attention to their colorful and three-dimensional shape. Thus they have become an attraction in the streets of some cities of the world and in Puerto Rico, it is not the exception.

On Fortaleza Street, in Old San Juan, the colorful umbrellas have been installed during the summer season, giving this street a festive air.

In addition to the visual spectacle that one can enjoy, the biggest beneficiaries of this type of initiative are the merchants, who see a considerable increase in visits and sales.

Other cities have also used umbrellas in recent years as a theme to brighten their streets. Here are a few of them

The “Fiesta Mayor de Gracia” in Barcelona is one of the most anticipated events for “Gracia” neighborhood and Barcelona itself. The contest of decorated streets and squares is one of the biggest attractions of the festivities. They begin on August 15 and last until August 21. And of course, the umbrellas are also present in some of its decorated streets.

In Águeda, Portugal, thousands of umbrellas provide shelter to visitors between July and September through the artistic “Umbrella Sky Project.” The artistic project immediately captivated all citizens and visitors, surpassing their expectations.

In Dubai (United Arab Emirates) we can find decoration with umbrellas in the Miracle Garden. It is a garden with more than 45 million flowers with which take many forms, from giant castles to pyramids. In the spring one of its corridors is adorned with dozens of umbrellas, which is perfectly integrated with the beauty of the flowers.

Turkey is not far behind and in the Old Street, in Antalya, this multicolored show is also offered, being covered by hundreds of umbrellas during spring and summer.

Vinopolis Piazza, located near the London Bridge, stands out thanks to its multi-colored umbrellas. This decoration initially began as part of a publicity campaign, but the popularity gained was so great that it has become a permanent fixture.

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