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The “Carrera del Darro”

The Carrera del Darro is one of the most beautiful strolls one can take through one of the oldest streets in Granada. This name is given to the entire left bank of the Darro River, up to the curve of San Pedro and San Pablo. The river is crossed by two bridges of brick and stone called Cabrera and Espinosa.

The street we know today was built in the seventeenth century, after the destruction left in 1509 following the explosion of a powder keg that was located next to the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo. When part of the wall was demolished, the course of the river was channeled and the street widen.

It is believed that the name of Darro has its origin in the Roman word “gold” (aurus), because people washed gold on its banks. Then the Muslims changed their name to “Hadarro” and that after the reconquest, the Christians renamed it “Dauro”. Apparently, people continued centuries later, digging in search of gold. As a result of this, the name of “Darro”(Gold) prevailed.

In addition to the spectacular geographical setting of the street, one must consider its unique architecture. One finds everything, Moorish houses, churches, palaces and convents, being declared a good part of them, of Cultural Interest.

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