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The New Cathedral of Salamanca

In 1491, the Cabildo of Salamanca proposed the need for a temple of larger dimensions, since the Old Cathedral, Romanesque, was small and dark for the time, given the population development that was taking place at that time. The master builders of the cathedrals of Toledo and Seville were hired, with the mission to build a new cathedral for Salamanca, laying the first stone on May 12, 1513. We had commented in the previous article dedicated to the Old Cathedral, that when we observe the structure it gives the impression that it is only one cathedral and not two. This was achieved by supporting the New Cathedral on the north wall of the Old Cathedral. The wall was reinforced towards the interior of the old temple, leaving the lateral nave partially reduced with the new construction. The tower of the new cathedral was built over the bell tower of the Old Cathedral. Continue reading “The New Cathedral of Salamanca”