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The “San Bernardo Monastery” in “Alcalá de Henares”

The monumental facade of the Monastery of San Bernardo, was the first thing that caught our attention of this structure. Although it is very simple, of the “curtain” type, the contrast of the reddish tones of the brick, with the white stone that divides the three symbolic spaces of the temple, make it look very beautiful. Observing carefully this façade, we notice that the lower space is the most sober, which is the one used by the faithful; the middle body is dedicated to the archiepiscopal dignity, that is why there are the founder’s shields and a niche with the image of San Bernardo; and the upper one, topped by a triangular pediment, which corresponds to the heavenly area. Continue reading “The “San Bernardo Monastery” in “Alcalá de Henares””