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“Day Trips”, a worthwhile travel option

The idea of ​​organizing our recent trip was thanks to the cancellation of another. Some time ago, our close friends began organizing a group trip to the western Mediterranean of Europe, concentrating their efforts in eastern Spain, specifically in Barcelona and Italy. Being a group, such planning should include hiring transport services and an experienced tour guide. However, the trip was canceled because it did not reach an acceptable number of people to complete the group of 20.

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The Doge’s Palace

The Republic of Venice was a sovereign and independent state for more than 1,000 years, which ended in the 18th century. The main responsible leader and supreme magistrate of this Republic was the “Dux”, chosen for life by the aristocratic families of Venice. The Ducal Palace was the residence of this elected official. It is comparable today with the “White House,” Buckingham Palace and other official residences of rulers and leaders around the world. Continue reading “The Doge’s Palace”

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The “Rocca Maggiore” – Assisi

In 1173, Assisi was occupied by the Germans. It is then that a castle is built above this Italian city, on the slopes of Mount “Subasio” of the “Apennine” mountain range. It would serve as a fort to protect a future emperor. This castle is known as “Rocca Maggiore” (The Rock). The heir and future Roman emperor, Fredrik II, was just an infant when during a civil revolt of the town of Assisi in 1198, his entourage left the castle taking the child. During this revolt, the “Rocca Maggiore” suffered considerable damage. Continue reading “The “Rocca Maggiore” – Assisi”

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The Old Bridge of Florence, Italy

For those who are not familiar with the Italian language, “Ponte Vecchio” is not an exotic name for a bridge. In “Firenze” or Florence, it refers simply to the Old Bridge. A symbol of Florence, a city that the Romans called Fiorentina in its founding and which in Latin means flowering / flower in bloom.

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