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“Sé do Porto” – Portugal

Founded during the 12th century, the “Sé do Porto” (the Cathedral) in Portugal, is located on the highest point of the city, a perfect place to contemplate the Douro River, the Vila Nova de Gaia and the city of Porto. This cathedral is known by several names, all in honor of the Marian cult; Church of “Santa Maria do Porto”, “Nossa Senhora do Porto da Eterna Salvação” and “Nossa Senhora da Vandoma”.


Originally in the Roman style, as evidenced by its facade, the towers, the rosette and the central body of three naves with barrel vaults and arches. Over the years, it suffered a series of changes, which is normal in this type of structure. In the Gothic period the cloister and the funerary chapel of “João Gordo” were added. In 1772 the Roman portal was changed to the Baroque style.

Attached to the Cathedral is the Episcopal Palace dating also to the twelfth century.

During the restoration works at the beginning of the 20th century, a necropolis was discovered in the portico of the Cathedral, which dates back to the 9th century. The finding gives credibility to the existence of a pre-Roman temple at this site, which has been identified as the hermitage “Morro de Pena Ventosa”.

The courtyard of the cloister is surrounded by galleries decorated with tiles representing religious scenes.

The historic center of Porto that includes the Sé de Porto is a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO since 1996.

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