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Saint John the Baptist Church in Écija, Seville

The Church of Saint John the Baptist in Écija, of the Province of Seville is the canonical seat of the Saint John’s Brotherhood, which on the morn of Good Friday hold their rites of penance. This is one of the city’s oldest religious building with reference to its existence dating back to the XVI century. During restoration works performed in the main patio, the remains of an ancient (roman) temple were found.

Its XVIII century tower is among the most beautiful of the city and its viewing grants access to a second belfry. It is hard to imagine that the ancient tower was demolished to be replaced with a new one. Later on, the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 seriously damaged the tower forcing another decimation of the structure. The tower is at the head of the uncompleted temple. Its vast size contrasts with the explosive decorations of the belfry and higher levels, forging a typical baroque work of the XVIII century.


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