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Piazza Garibaldi – Tivoli

In the heart of the historic center of Tivoli one finds the “Piazza Garibaldi” or the Garibaldi Square. It is dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi, the “Hero of the Two Worlds” due to his military interventions in South America and Europe. He is also considered one of the “fathers of the country” of Italy along with King Victor Emmanuel. The “Arch of the Founding Fathers”, a monumental sculpture created in 2009 by Arnaldo Pomodoro, attests to it in a prominent place on center of the stage.

Garibaldi Square offers a beautiful view of the city and the countryside surrounding the city of Tivoli. Important structures within a few steps include the Rocca Pia, with the underlying Bleso amphitheater, the Villa d’Este and the Church of “Santa María la Mayor”.

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