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Piazza della Signoria, Firenze

In order to understand how the “Piazza della Signoria” of the Italian city of Firenze arises, we must begin by mentioning historical facts that marked the emergence of this great square.

The city of Firenze began as a military colony of the Romans. It was in the year 1115 that the road to become the “Repubblica di Firenze” started with the coup of the Marquises of Tuscany. The military type government is replaced by a board that became known as the “Signoria de Firenze”.

By the year 1330 the construction of a palace was completed, which was later named as the “Palazzo della Signoria”, thus becoming the governmental center for the Republic. as could be expected, the square acquires its name by being in front of the “Palazzo della Signoria”.

The “Piazza della Signoria” has the shape of an “L”. That “L” extends from the “Palazzo Gondi”, continuing along the side of the “Palazzo della Signoria”, turning and crossing its front. The “L” shape of the square ends with the “Loggia de Lanzi”.

In the “Piazza della Signoria” we can find sculptures and fountains such as: the Equestrian Statue of Cosimo I de’Medici, the “Fontana del Nettuno”, David de Michelangelo (today a replica) and that of Hercules and Caco. In front of the “Fontana del Nettuno” there is a memorial to the Dominican Friar “Girolamo Savanarola”, right on the spot where he was hung and burned with two disciples.

Today, the “Piazza della Signoria” is the center of political and social activities, a meeting point for both visitors and residents.

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