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Path of Sadness

Path of Sadness, a free translation for the “Paseo de los Tristes” is in the Valley of the Darro River, between the hills of the “Alhambra” and the “Albaicín”, a place with a story of which Sadness is just its name. It turns out that its official name is the “Paseo del Padre Manjón”, formerly “Paseo de la Puerta de Guadix” and the during the XIX century, was the way to the cemetery of San Jose, which was reached by the “Cuesta de los Chinos”. Funeral processions passed along the “Paseo del Padre Manjón” and many people say their goodbyes to the deceased before climbing the hill to the “Sabica”, where the cemetery was. Hence it is called the “Paseo de los Tristes”.

These grounds originally belonged to the Lords of Castril, which donated the passage for the construction of the Path of Sadness in the seventeenth century.  This work was prompted by a serious explosion at a gunpowder workshop left the area badly affected, and this enabled the decision to build this beautiful walk way that also granted access to “Sacromonte”. The water fountain we can now see is originally from 1609.

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