Palacio Las Tomasas
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“Las Tomasas” Palace – Écija

Upon entering the Justice Palace in Ecija, of the Sevilla Province, the first thing that comes to mind are one Nazari Palaces of the Alhambra in Granada. Indeed, the Alhambra was the inspiration for its construction. 
This building is of the twentieth century, more specifically the years 1920 and before 1930. Originally belonged to two local sisters nicknamed “Las Tomasas”. Therefore popularly known as the “Palacio de las Tomasas”. They were so impressed with the Alhambra they decided to incorporated much of its details in this structure. It is a building of “regionalist” style, so their style is linked to the group of “Sevillian regionalist” architects.

The structure consists of two floors and its main facade is brick and vain lintel with curved “fronton”,  framed by smooth “cajeadas” pilars and finished off with compound capitals and pinnacles which frame the central balcony. Upon entering the palace, in the hallway, the friezes of Seville tiles or tiling of “Triana” are highlighted.

The interior is organized around a square courtyard with double arches on columns of grenadine aesthetics and poly-oval arches richly decorated with plaster work. The Arcades of the second floor are formed by arched windows with thin columns. The staircase to the upper floor is richly ornamented, it is a beauty.

Currently, it houses the Administration of Justice and is one of the most admired buildings by visitors of the city.

You can visit the Palace Monday through Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 hrs and admission is free.


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