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“La Plaza del Cabildo” – Seville, Spain

One of those places in Seville that you cannot miss out on is the “Plaza del Cabildo”. Access is somewhat hidden, but it is located in the Arenal neighborhood, close to the Cathedral. We entered from “Avenida de la Constitución”. When we arrived at this small square, a smile surged on our faces, not only because of how beautiful it can be, but it turns out to be an oasis in the summer time and provides us with a little relief from the high temperatures of Seville. Being somewhat hidden from the hustle and bustle, it is the perfect place to cool off and recharge your batteries to continue enjoying this great city.

The Plaza del Cabildo was built on the site on which the Colegio de San Miguel was built, which belonged to the Cabildo de la Catedral, hence its name. This school was demolished in the mid-twentieth century, around 1950, but the façade that overlooks the Avenida de la Constitución and some columns used in an interior patio have been preserved. The Almohad legacy can be seen in the interior wall cloth built in 1184, which came from the Alcazaba. In addition, in what is the center of the square, a circular fountain is located.

The Plaza del Cabildo is accessed through one of three passages, from the Almirantazgo Street, the Avenida de la Constitución, in front of the main door of the Cathedral, and a third through the Arfe Street. The three entrances are closed at night within gates.

The semicircular shape responds to the unique building that surrounds it on its curved side. For us, it was very nice to see this three-story building with its semicircle shape, the work of the architect Joaquín Barquín Barón. Its arcades on the lower floor and on its upper floor are decorated with beautiful frescoes by the Sevillian painter José Palomar. The frescoes are supported by marble columns with various motifs; from organic shapes, medallions, trophies, to bows and fruits, where colors such as: terracotta, gray, gold, among others, are beautifully combined.

On the ground floor of the semicircular structure, there are various shops, where you can buy a good variety of products. We took the opportunity to buy some gifts;  supporting the commerce of the square.

The Plaza del Cabildo is famous for celebrating every Sunday, a market that has become one of the main activities in Seville. From very early, you can walk through it, talk and enjoy its numismatics and philately market, where collectors can buy stamps, bills, coins, medals, minerals, military insignia and other products.