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“Infante Don Henrique el Navegante” Park – Porto, Portugal

Walking towards the Douro River through the streets of Porto, suddenly we find the Plaza / Garden in honor of “Don Henrique de Avis y Lancaster”, son of Porto and better known as the Navigator. “Don Henrique”  was the promoter of Portuguese policy for maritime explorations along the African coasts and the Atlantic Ocean; the era of Portuguese discoveries. In the center of this garden, a statue of the “Infante”, a work by Tomás Costa from 1894.

The Plaza is framed within the old Mercado Ferreira, the Bolsa Palace and the San Nicolás and San Francisco de Asís churches. In addition, the “Vinho” (Wine) Institute of Portugal is located nearby.

The Plaza is not just a place to sit and rest, but local merchants and artisans occupy the place, offering their products to passers-by. Definitely a nice spot to relax.

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