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A special “gelateria”

Italian desserts are in a class of its own. One of those desserts is the delicious “gelato”, a frozen dessert that is similar to the Ice Cream. In Italy, artisan “gelato” dominates the market, so when you want to satisfy that desire for a good “gelato”, there are many options to choose from. However, selecting the best craftsman to make it is a challenge.

On our visit to Rome, we found the Gelateria Panna & Liquirizia. As we walked down the stairs of the “Via Magnanapoli”, towards the “Traiano” forum and in a little corner,  we found this little shop dedicated to artisan “gelato”. A wholly-owned and operated family business, where tasks in the preparation and the sales functions of the delicious “gelatos” of various flavors are shared. Vincenzo Gardelli, the patriarch of the family, prepares the “gelatos” daily.

It was there that we met Tosca, the owner’s daughter, who is the person in charge of serving the diners who come there looking to please their cravings for a good “gelato”. To our surprise, Tosca spoke to us in Spanish. This was a surprise, given that we had grown accustomed to being spoken to  in English throughout all of Italy.

Very proud of the secret handmade formula of hers father, Tosca, has that special and personal touch that makes his “gelato” even more appealing. Tosca became our friend and we visited her “gelateria” every afternoon during our stay in Rome.

The Gelateria Panna & Liquirizia; “Il gelato che ti vizia” or in English, the “gelato” that pampers you.

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