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Figueira Square – Lisbon, Portugal

During our stay in Lisbon, Portugal, Praça Figueira or Plaza de la Higuera was one of the places we passed daily, as we traveled by bus to the historic city center. Therefore, it was necessary to make a short visit of this square.

It was at the time of reconstruction of the city, following the earthquake of 1755, this square, as it usually happens, was used as an open market for fruits and vegetables. In the 19th century a covered or roofed market was built, which was demolished in 1949. It was when the Figueira Square was renewed to restore it to its original open space.

The bronze statue of King Juan I was placed in the square in 1971.

The Plaza is surrounded by hotels, cafeterias and various shops that offer a wide variety of products. Praça Figueira is a key point as a collective transport center, since several Tram and Bus lines converge here.

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