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Church of “San Ildefonso” – Porto, Portugal

Due to the great degree of deterioration of the Chapel of “San Alifon”, in Porto, Portugal, the same was demolished in 1709, to build the Parish Church of “San Ildefonso”. Although the main structure of the new church was completed in 1730, it was not until 1739 that the construction of the bell towers we can observe on each side of the church that the building was finally completed.

In a Baroque style, the Church of San Ildefonso that we know today is the product of continuous work. The altarpiece designed in 1745 is the work of Nicolau Nasoni. The paintings that adorn its interior made between 1785 and 1792 were made by Domingos Teixeira Barreto.

The pipe organ dates to the year 1811. The tile covering of 1931 is the work of Jorge Colaça. In 1967, eight stained glass windows by Isolino Vaz were added.

The Parish Church of “San Ildefonso” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its façade overlooks the “Plaza de Batalha”, a historically important square for the city of Porto.

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