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Church of Our Lady of Loreto – Lisbon, Portugal

The “Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Loreto”, better known as the “Church of the Italians” because the community of immigrant merchants, mainly from Venice and Genoa, which commissioned its construction from Fillipo Terzi, architect and engineer from Bologna, Italy.

In 1651 the original temple was destroyed by a large fire and the earthquake of 1755 that practically destroyed Lisbon (Portugal), completely destroyed it. The baroque style and neoclassical façade we see today is the result of the construction works carried out by the architect José Costa y Siva.

Inside it has 12 chapels, dedicated to the 12 apostles.

Details of the central nave.

Main Altar of the Church of Our Lady of Loreto, Lisbon.

Chorus of the Church Our Lady of Loreto, Lisbon.

Sometimes they celebrate the Masses in Latin, in clear reaffirmation of their roots and past times.

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