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Church and Cathedral of “Santa María La Real de la Almudena”

The Church and Cathedral of “Santa María La Real de la Almudena” is located in the Historic center of Madrid and it is the main quarters for the Archdiocese of Madrid. Therein, the image of ” Santa María de la Almudena”, the Patron of the city is revered. The main entry faces the Royal Palace. It was constructed on the grounds of an ancient mosque. It is precisely from the Arab word “al-mudayna” which means citadel, from whence the Cathedral obtains its name.According to legend, in 1083 when King Alfonso VI reconquered Madrid and thus expelled the Muslims, he became obsessed in finding a valuable icon of the Virgin Mary which ages before had been said to have been hidden within the walls of the city to protect the same. Being unsuccessful, Alfonso VI turned to prayers. At some point in time, a section of the wall collapsed the Virgin Mary icon was found inside.


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