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Chapel of the Souls – Porto, Portugal

The Chapel of the Souls is located on “Rua de Santa Catarina”  with its corner on “Rua de Fernandes Tomás”, barely a block away from the “Bolhão” Market in the “Santo Ildefonso” neighborhood in Porto, Portugal.

Originally, it was a small chapel built in wood. This was the place of praise and devotion to St. Catherine of Alexandria (Egypt), a Christian martyr of the fourth century. At the beginning of the 18th century, the modest wooden chapel is replaced with the Chapel of “Santa Catarina” or Chapel of the Souls of “Santa Catarina”, better known as the Chapel of Souls. The name is partly due to the fact that the Brotherhood of Souls and “Chagas” of San Francisco became part of the “Santa Catarina” Chapel.

The Chapel was restored and enlarged in 1801. The structure has two bodies, being the one located at the bottom (back) lower than the front. Attached to the Chapel is its two-story bell tower, having its entrance through the front.

On the front façade the stained glass window representing “Las Almas” stands out, the work of the nineteenth century painter Amândio Silva.

The exterior facade was clad in 1929 with tiles depicting scenes from the lives of saints. Specifically, there are scenes depicting the death of Saint Francis and the martyrdom of Saint Catherine. The Azulejos are works by Eduardo Leite and they were produced in Lisbon by the “Viuda Lamego” Ceramic Factory.

The altars, in the neoclassical style, have the image of Our Lady of the Souls of the 18th century.

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