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Chapel of the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings

The Church or Chapel of the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings in Toledo, consist of a sole nave covered by a rib vault, A star shaped dome houses the high altar, Elevated choir and lateral chapels between the buttress. Highly noticeable if the abundant decorations over the transept and main altar. With regards to the main altar piece, the original one disappeared during the Napoleon War. The current piece dated to the last century came from the Holy Cross Hospital of Toledo, founded by Pedro González de Mendoza, Cardinal of of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. This is the reason for the altar piece having the coat of arms of Cardinal Mendoza, founder of the Hospital. The piece was built by Francisco de Comontes, a wood craftsman and painter. In this altar piece we can view the following scenes: Jesus on his way to Calvary, the Descent and Saint Helen with the miracles of the Cross.


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