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Central Market of the “Ataranzanas” in Malaga

One of the elements that most caught our attention in the Central Market of the Ataranzanas in Malaga is its entrance from the Nasrid period. It is a monumental arch, horseshoe-shaped and pointed. The coats of arms of this arch allow us to place it in the period of the reign of Mohamed V (1354-1391).

What today is known as the most important food market in Malaga, in its beginnings was the main Nasrid shipyard in the area by the 14th century. After the Christian conquest of the city this space was used as a warehouse, arsenal, military hospital and barracks.

Opposite the Nasrid façade is the rear of the Central Market of the Ataranzanas. It is a metal triangular pediment façade with a large semicircular arch and stained glass windows. Although it was made by the Atienza brothers in 1973, it was placed in the market in the years 2088 to 2010, after a major restoration.

The large stained glass window composed of 108 panels, represents different monuments of Malaga. Among them are: the Cathedral, the Alcazaba, the Castle of Gibralfaro, among others. In front, you can see several boats, possibly the native boat of Malaga, the “jábega”, which dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, about 2,500 years ago. These boats, in addition to being used for fishing, were mostly used to trade quickly, because they could cross from one town to another in less than a day. The image reminds us of the dock and its commercial activity.

Like other 19th century iron markets in Spain, the Atarazanas de Málaga was inspired by the Les Halles Market in Paris. It is an example of architectural eclecticism. The current building, the work of architect Joaquín de Rucoba, was built between 1876 and 1879.

The market has a slightly trapezoidal floor plan structured in three naves. It consists of a metallic skeleton made largely of iron from the old Sevillian iron and steel industry, enclosed with stone and masonry. Between 2008 and 2010 a new reform was carried out with the aim of recovering its original design.

In the Central Market of the Ataranzanas in Malaga the visitor can find everything in its stalls; from meat, fish and seafood, to seasonal breads and fruits. And if instead of buying products, you want to enjoy the flavors of Malaga’s gastronomy, this market is the ideal place.




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