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Basilica di San Giacomo Maggiore – Bologna

Bologna is known as the Italian city of “la Dotta, la Rossa e la Grassa”. The “Dotta” refers to its University, the “Rossa” to the color of the ceilings and the “Grassa” to its typical food. In addition, Bologna has a large number of churches. And surrounded within these characteristics of the city, we find the “Basilica di San Giacomo Maggiore”.

The Basilica is located at the intersection of Piazza Rossini and Via Zamboni, the main route of the University. In 1247, a monastery was built by a small community of hermits. Later, in 1256, that community was merged with the Friars of St. Augustine and the construction of the church dedicated to Santiago el Mayor begins, completing the work in 1315. The basilica was built in the Romanesque style with some Gothic elements.

Part of what was the monastery, is currently the Giovanni Battista Martini Conservatory, where the echo of the operatic songs inside the monastery and basilica are heard.

It was very nice to find this scene of university students, resting and studying on the lawn of the “Piazza Rossini”.

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