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The Vessel at Hudson Yards – New York

Inaugurated recently on March 15, 2019, the “Vessel” has quickly become an attraction of Manhattan, in New York City (New York, USA). It is the focal and  centerpiece of the square called, Hudson Yards.

This extraordinary spiral-shaped staircase deserves to be climbed. The purpose of its designer, the English Thomas Heatherwick, was that people could enjoy other perspectives, angles, heights and views of the city from this vessel-shaped structure, which emulates an elaborate honeycomb.

The “Vessel” is comprised of 16 levels, with 2,500 individual steps distributed among 154 interconnected stairs and 80 landings. Surely one could be scared of climbing it when one considers the amount of steps, even so, we assure you that it is not impossible. We reach the highest level without exhausting ourselves, the landings at each level help to make both the ascent and the descent bearable.



Now, if you suffer from vertigo, think twice.

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