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The Green Wall of Madrid

Walking along the Paseo el Prado and just in front of the Royal Botanic Garden, there is a very particular garden, the Green Wall of the CaixaForum in Madrid, Spain. It is specifically located at Paseo del Prado # 36.

The Green Wall or Vertical Garden of the CaixaForum Madrid Museum and Cultural Center stands out in front of the main building. It has more than 15,000 plants that do not need soil.

Work of Patrick Blanc, it incorporates 250 different species of plants that can survive without being sown on land, using a hydroponic system. Patrick Blanc, a French botanist was among the first to use this technique for the creation of vertical gardens all over the world.

Between September and October 2006, Blanc installed the Green Wall of the CaixaForum, the first one created in Spain.

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