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The Church / Convent of Carmo – Lisbon, Portugal

The proof of how destructive the 1755 earthquake was in Portugal is the Church or Convent of Carmo. Still in ruins, you can see the grandeur of what was the main Gothic church in Lisbon.

The Convent of the Order of Carmo or Order of the Carmelites is located in a privileged position on the Rossio (D. Pedro IV Square) and in the Chiado ward. The Convent was sent to build in 1389 by the Constable D. Nuno Álvares Pereira.

At a point in time, the convent became a military dependency. In addition, during the Carnation Revolution, it was at the Carmo where the president of the Council of the newly proclaimed state, Marcelo Caetano, took refuge from the rebels.

Currently, these ruins make up the headquarters of the Carmo Archaeological Museum. Together with the Cathedral, they are part of the few remains in the city of medieval times still standing.

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