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Praça de Luís de Camões – Lisbon, Portugal

In the Chiado ward of Lisbon, we find the “Praça de Luís de Camões”. This square is dedicated to the great poets of Portugal, Luís de Camões being considered the greatest Portuguese writer and poet.

It is in this square that the image of Luís de Camões stands on an octagonal pedestal.

The sculpture is the work of António Víctor de Figueiredo Bastos, better known as Víctor Bastos, a Portuguese sculptor.

At the base of the pedestal other poets are honored through the statues that can be seen. We find the following poets: Fernão Lopes, Pedro Nunes, Gomes Eanes de Azurara, João de Barros, Fernão Lopes de Cantanhede, Vasco Mousinho de Quevedo, Jerônimo Corte-Real and Francisco Sá de Menezes.

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