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Nazionale Centrale di Firenze Library

The “Nazionale Centrale di Firenze” Library was created in 1885 to replace the “Magliabechiana” library of the year 1747. The Library is located very close to the “Piazza di Santa Croce”, at the intersection of “Via Antonio Magliabechi” with the “Corso dei Tintori”.

Antonio Magliabechi was a Fiorentine scholar born in 1633, whom Cosimo III d’Medici appointed as librarian for Pitti Palace. When Magliabechi died in 1714, he left his entire personal collection of about 30,000 books as a legacy to the city of Firenze. It is a consequence of this donation that the library was founded.

In the year 1935 the new building was built for the National Library “Centrale di Firenze”. Both the structure and the street were named to the memory of Antonio Magliabechi, to honor his legacy.

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