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“Mirador de la Torre de las Damas”

Shown is the “Mirador de la Torre de las Damas”, of the “Palacio del Partal” in the Alhambra (Granada, Spain) from where you can appreciate spectacular views. It was built during the reign of Muhammad III and inside the Palace we will find numerous samples of Nasrid decoration, such as in the plasterwork and baseboards. Its tiling has suffered damage over time, being one of the oldest of the Monument’s Complex. In these, its blue, white and green colors stand out.

It has three windows, towards the exterior, on each of its three faces, being the larger or wider the one located in the center. In addition, in its upper part, and in the three faces facing the Darro River, there are five windows, covered by plasterwork, similar to other rooms, towers and rooms of the Nasrid Palaces.

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