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Granada, so magnificant

The early dawn sunlight began peeking through the curtains on the window of our hotel room as we still relished the great satisfaction and joy of having visited the “Alhambra” the day before. The new dawn heralded that there was still much to be seen, visited and discovered in Granada.

We exited to the “Plaza Nueva” and crossed unto the “Plaza de Santa Ana”,heading in direction of the “Carrera del Darro”. We passed by the “Tribunal de Justicia” continuing on to the “Fontana del Toro”.  We walked zig-zagging through the street, constantly pausing to take in the sights of this part of the “Albaicín”. At the feet of the “Alhambra”, which was vigilant of our steps from up high.


We wandered by the “Museo del Perfume”, The Church of “(San Gil and) Santa Ana”,  the “Paseo de los Tristes”, stopping to view the bridges of ” Espinosa” and “Cadi”. Visited the “Bañuelo” and the “Casa de Zafra”, further contemplating the Church of Saints Peter and Paul and much more.

Around the corner, more treasures awaited us in “Graná”.

At the intersection of the “Gran Vía de Colón” and the “Reyes Católicos” streets, the “Plaza de la Fuente de Isabel La Católica (y Colón)” greeted us. Further along the way, through the narrow street of “Estribo” we would reach the along the side of the great Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel or “Capilla Real”. But before gaining entry to this holy site, we would visit the marvelous historic quarter of the city.

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At the “Plaza de las Pasiegas”, 20171109_122605just in front of the entrance to the grand cathedral, we would have coffee.1 el aguadorNearby we found the archdiocese and the “Plaza Alonso Cano”.  Also in the vicinity, we stumbled upon the University and the Church of “Santos Justo y Pastor” before rounding the “Plaza Romanilla”. Here we met the “Monumento al Aguador”.


Our visit to the second largest cathedral of Spain was splendid. However, it would be the “Capilla Real” that would win our hearts.

The finally resting place of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand known as ” los Reyes Católicos” was simply awesome. It was a surprising experience to walk down the narrow stairs to the open crypt and view the caskets with the remains of the Catholic Kings, accompanied by those of Queen Juana I and her consort King Felipe I as well as that of the infant Miguel. The related museum was also wondrous exhibiting  regal garments and other artifacts of a historic reign. These lovely images will forever be engraved in us. We have the satisfaction of having taken our time to explore this holy site in order to remember every inch, corner and detail. It was important to just contemplate this wonder as no photographing was allowed. They are very strict on this point.

Alas, it was time to take the bus to the train station of “Antequera – Santa Ana” (train service from Granada was interrupted due to repairs) in order to take the “AVE” to Madrid, marking the beginning of our return trip back home, to Puerto Rico.

And so we left Granada having made another dream come through, to view her grandeur.

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