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Giralda of Seville

Known as the Giralda of Seville or simply the Giralda Tower, is undoubtedly a must see when visiting the city. To climb the bell tower, you must have the proper physical condition. Fortunately, climbing the 35 floors is via a ramp, which at times seemed endless. When you reach the top, you’ll realize it was worth the effort. The panoramic views are the most impressive of Sevilla.

As the story goes, Giralda is the name given to the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville, one of the most beautiful bell towers in the world and among tallest towers of Christianity. It measures 97.5 meters high and 101 meteres with the Giraldillo included, which measures 3.5 meters.

Its unique and original architecture of exact quadrangular shapes, turrets and pinnacles decorated, has inspired a multitude of towers in other countries. The lower two thirds of the tower correspond to the minaret of the old mosque of the city, from the late twelfth century, the Almohad period, while the upper third is superimposed during the Christian era to house the bells. At its peak is a ball called “tinaja” on which the Giraldillo bronze statue stands. It weighs more than a ton and is considered to be the largest weather vane in the world on a temple.

On December 29, 1928 the monument was declared a National Heritage and in 1987 was added to the list of World Heritage.

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