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Cold and Hot Stoves of Lisbon – Portugal

On the northwest side of the Eduardo VII Park in Lisbon, Portugal, there is the Cold Stove and the Quente Stove, a botanical garden full of plants that can be found in both cold and tropical climates. The Cold Stove (Estufa Fria) has many exotic plants, streams, waterfalls, palm trees, bushes with flowers and banana trees. The Quente Stove (Hot Stove) has plants and birds of tropical climate.

“Fria” or Cold Stove

This greenhouse came about by chance. A gardener took advantage of a quarry that was no longer used to house plant species from various parts of the world. These plants would be located on “Avenida da Liberdade”, however, as a result of World War I, the entire project was postponed. The plants were already there and the natural took charge, they began to grow and give a new life to a simple basalt quarry. The Cold Stove (Cold Stove / Greenhouse) was complemented in 1975 when the “Quente” Stove (Hot Stove / Greenhouse) was added together with and the “Doce” Stove (Sweet Stove / Greenhouse) filling them with equatorial, tropical and cactaceous plants.

Here, among the more than 300 species, you will find the fern, symbol of the greenhouse, whose leaf is born rolled up and if the tip is damaged, it does not grow again; the Brunfelsia that gives a flower that is born purple, turns blue and dies white; five species of fuchsias; the mango plant; different types of banana trees; sugar cane and even the tobacco plant exists here.

Quente Stove

Near the stoves is a lake with large tents and a playground, shaped like a galleon.

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